Vintage Trillium Repair/Service FAQ

Info for Vintage Trillium Repairs & Replacement Parts

Have you purchased a vintage Trillium, and there’s no Serial Number (VIN) Decal?
We can help – Scroll down to the bottom.

Tow Vehicle Wiring Instructions & Color Code:  Trailer Wiring Instructions   (pdf file)

Windows – Hehr has been purchased by Lippert Components
Main Site:   Lippert Components
No replacement parts available from Lippert; or replacement windows
Replacement Window Parts for Vintage Hehr (Jalousie):

Canada & USA:

Original Axle Specs.:
Trailing Axle w/camber
0º Starting Angle
1,500 lb. Capacity – 1300 model
2,000 lb. Capacity – 4500 model
545 Hubs
Hub Face 65″ – 1300 Model
Hub Face 67″ – 4500 Model
48″ Outside Frame Dimension – all 1300, most 4500 – Check yours
Electric Brake Backing Plate – (for 7″ or 10″ brakes)

Updated Specs – use these for replacement axles
Trailing Axle w/camber
10º Down Starting Angle
2,000 lb. Capacity – 1300 model
2,200 lb. Capacity – 4500 model – (For minimal equipment)
2,500 lb. Capacity – 4500 model – (For equipment loaded trailers)
545 Hubs
Hub Face 65″ – 1300 Model
Hub Face 67″ – 4500 Model
48″ Outside Frame Dimension – all 1300, most 4500 – Check yours
Electric Brake Backing Plate

Tire Specs:
1300 Model – A78x13
4500 Model – B78x13
ST 175/80R13 For both 1300 & 4500
1,360 lb. Capacity, Load range C, Diameter – 24.1″
Do not use P designated  – (passenger tires)

Furnace:  Dometic (Bought Atwood)
Old large square furnace under sink or under closet
This was a gravity furnace and is no longer available
Recommended replacement under left rear seat:  Model DFSAD12 – 12,000 BTU

Power Converter:   Progressive Dynamics  (Very Reliable, US Made)

Inteli-Power® 4000 Series

Batteries:   Interstate Batteries – Group 24, Deep Cycle

Dometic Fridges:,-boat-and-truck-refrigerators/rv-refrigerators/dometic-coolmatic-crx-65-_-30984
These are compressor fridges, requiring a house battery. They are much more reliable, more efficient than 3 way fridges. Recommend installing a rooftop solar panel if camping without 120 power available to recharge battery overnight; or driving with trailer at least every other day.
Note: Replacement for Trilliums built after 2005
For use in vintage Trilliums, framing is required to increase cabinet depth.

Trillium 1300     Part #06280H01R
Trillium 4500     Part #06280A01R
Note: Requires special mounting bracket to fit roof curvature

Stove Grate Clips (Vintage Trilliums):

Weight distributing hitches: Do NOT Use
If trailer is properly loaded, (min. 10% weight on the ball), this device is not needed.
Typically 150 lbs for 1300;   200 lbs. for 4500
If you don’t have 10% load on ball, re-distribute cargo in trailer to the front.
Weigh at the ball (coupler), not under the jack.
Anti Sway Bar:
OK to use, but make sure you have min. 10% load on the ball.
Anti sway bar will not inhibit fish tailing if there’s not 10% on the ball.

Ceiling T-Molding Strips
No longer available. If they appear to be wavy, bumpy – they can be straightened.
Immerse in very hot water to soften. Then press into place. Not perfect, but will improve the look. Can be repeated as needed.

Ensolite Wall Covering
No longer available.

Interior Electric (Wiring)
Early Trilliums (to about ’75) had a separate 120 volt lamp over the sink, with standard home light bulbs. There was no power converter. 12 volt lights were at each end of the kitchen cabinet, and under the fiberglass shelves if equipped. These were powered by the tow vehicle; a house battery was not a factory option.
Beginning about ’75, an optional power converter was added, becoming standard later.
This eliminated the 120 volt light fixture, making all lights 12 volts.  A house battery became optional or by dealer install. The PC charged the battery when the trailer was plugged into 120 volt power. (Campground, or home)
12 volt power (black wire) powered the lights & optional 3 way fridge.
120 volts powered the old light, or newer PC, duplex outlets, and the optional fridge.

Do you need a new axle?
Many 40+ year old Trilliums are still OK with the original axle.
However, are there black marks at the top of the wheel well? This indicates tire traveling to far on bumps. (Nothing left in the rubber cushion).
Uneven tire wear – Check tire inflation first! Tires can differ by manufacturer – check sidewall for correct pressure. Usually best to run at max, if you have the correct tire. (See above updated tire specs.)
If unsure, go to a Dexter dealer (above), or at least a shop that specializes in torsion axles.

Tail Lights – See parts page –

Reseal Windows and Aluminum Center Seam Molding
pdf Instructions:    ResealWindows-Seam

Missing Decals: VIN – Serial Numbers
Many people have purchased a vintage Trillium that has no VIN decal, or visible serial number. The original decal was over the propane regulator, and later models over the left front side marker light. There also was a large blue spec sheet on the back of the closet door, which had the serial number on it.
It is difficult to obtain a title/registration card for these old trailers, as most DMV offices want to verify the VIN. Without any visible VIN, they will only register it as a “homemade” trailer. That’s not good for the value.
So, we’ve re-created the old Fed ID Decal and spec sheet. And, they are available for purchase now. In order to prevent fraudulent transactions, email your request to
Put “VIN Decal” in the subject line.
Please provide purchase details, and anything you may know about the trailer, including its history.
With these new decals, your Trillium will retain more value when it comes to resale.

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