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Newly updated 12/30/19


50th Anniversary News – 12/25/19
Trillium molds found!

A prototype is being considered.
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Trillium Industries – 50 Year Anniversary
1969 – Richmond Hill, Ontario  –  Start
1973 – New 40,000 sq.ft. Factory & Showroom in Markham, Ontario
1976 – Add 20,000 sq. ft. to the factory

What made the Trillium so popular, and the best seller?
Legendary styling, lightweight leader, aerodynamic design
True unibody, ability for almost all cars to tow it
Strength & durability of an all fiberglass body, including interior
Gelcoat surfaces, not painted – 50 year old trailers still looking good!
Fiberglass bonding -inside & out; 1 piece top & bottom
Big features in a compact package, lots of storage
*Requires minimal care and maintenance
Retention of value over the years
*The Trillium will outlast your grand kids – and in great shape.

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