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50 Years of Trilliums, since 1969
The 1st New Trilliums will be ready soon.

News so many Trillium and “egg” enthusiasts have been hoping for…..
The Original Trillium is on its way back!
Mold modification will be underway in December for improvements to the brand, and production will start over the winter. We’re not waiting for the border closings to be resolved. Even though Trilliums will be built in Phoenix, we will ship units to Canada.
If you have improvement ideas, please email to
To be put on a waiting list for purchase in the mid/late Spring, please send an email to
Standard equipment list & pricing will be available by year’s end.

Everyone knows of Trillium’s heritage of product quality & durability going back 50 years now. The new Trilliums will be even better. (Don’t be surprised – your grandchildren will be grateful!)
Thanks to all for so much s
upport over the years – and Merry Christmas.


Update July 2020:
Due to the continuing Canada/US border closure, it may be some time before we can restart Trillium production. Please check back for updates.

Update Mar. 18, 2020
Due to the self-quarantine regulations on crossing international borders, our new Trillium will not be displayed until the CoronaVirus situation improves.
We are taking this time to makes improvements to the trailer and put together a brochure.

Outdoor Travel will introduce the
New Trillium when the border opens.
110 Eastport Blvd.
Hamilton, ON L8H 7S4
888: 539-3333
We appreciate your patience in the roll-out of the new Trillium.
It will be worth the wait.
Please check back regularly for updates.

Trillium Industries – 50 Year Anniversary
1969 – Richmond Hill, Ontario  –  Start
1973 – New 40,000 sq.ft. Factory & Showroom in Markham, Ontario
1976 – Add 20,000 sq. ft. to the Markham factory

What made the Trillium so popular, and the best seller?
Legendary styling, lightweight leader, aerodynamic design
True unibody, ability for almost all cars to tow it
Strength & durability of an all fiberglass body, including interior
No wooden cabinets, seats, or structure to come loose over time
Gelcoat surfaces, not painted – 50 year old trailers still looking good!
Fiberglass bonding -inside & out; 1 piece top & bottom
Can’t leak water from the top or bottom
Big features in a compact package, lots of storage
*Requires minimal care and maintenance
Retention of value over the years, usually increasing
Average 45 year old Trilliums sell for double of original price
*Trillium will outlast your kids and grand kids – and still in great shape.

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