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T-Molding for ceiling/walls – is NOT available, and not expected to be.

The following items are in stock:
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on items listed below.

Spare Tire & Bottle Covers: Scroll through pics in the slide show link above.
Check tire cover size by looking at the tire sidewall….
ST 175/80R 13


Kason #139 door hinges, 3/8″ offset
For 1300 & 4500 models, sold in pairs. $99.00

Orange “Trillium 1300” with Stripe
Sold as a left & right pair. $49.00
Also available: Blue “Trillium 4500” with stripe

Window Guard Logo – 16″
Green or Blue $33.75Window Guard – With complete hardware
See Parts Order Form

Silver door logo $27.50
For Models 1300 & 4500

Mylar Parallelogram Decals – 11 3/4″ x 3 5/8″
For Models 1300 & 4500 $24.00 Per Pair

Original Trillium Industries ID Decal – $15.45
Same Green color as Parallelogram above – Not Blue as shown
Markham, Ontario Address – Approx. 2″ x 4″

Logo Mud Flaps – Sold in pairs $41.00
For Trilliums 1300, 4500, Jubilee

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NOTE: Bargman Products

Door Locks
The L-400 (rectangular), and L-300 (square) – were discontinued years ago.
No stock or repair parts are left.
Tail lights

The original tail lights (rectangular) used on all vintage 1300 & 4500
trailers were discontinued years ago. We know of no parts availability.
LED lights will fit on the tail light platform. Please scroll through the slide show, where they can be seen. No longer stocked by Trillium RV
However, you can order from your local RV dealer. (#86 Style, Min 1 each side, or 2 per side as pictured in the slide show.)
Copy/Paste this link…|E!QucCHUKzFF6H