New Switch Panel for Vintage UpGrades


For those renovating & upgrading their Trilliums, a new offering.
A house battery condition monitor.
4 switches for water pump, hitch, porch & entry lights.

Kit Includes: Switch Panel shown above, with logo.
Switches – Water Pump, Hitch light, Porch Light, Entry light
Wiring Diagram
Does NOT include water pump, or light fixtures
For vintage Trilliums – add a house battery, if not equipped.

Most of the parts listed below are in stock.
To better serve you, and provide faster service –
Please include your trailer model, floorplan,  year,
and Serial Number (VIN).

And, in case of questions, your phone number & location.
Please email     for availability.

For help in restoring, repairing and FAQs – Vintage Trilliums, Click here

T-Molding for ceiling/walls, including ‘look alike’ Ensolite
NOT available, and is not expected to be.

Most of the items below are in stock:
Click   Parts Order  for the pdf order form.

Doorway Bulb Seal
Mounted to trailer doorway frame, Approx 16′, as original from factory
Fits 1300 & 4500    $73.50


Kason #139 door hinges, 3/8″ offset
For 1300 & 4500 models, sold in pairs. $99.99

Orange “Trillium 1300” with Stripe
Sold as a left & right pair. $49.00
Also available:
As above, Blue or Green “Trillium 4500” with stripe

Window Guard Logo – 16″
Green or Blue $33.75

Silver door logo $29.50
For Models 1300 & 4500

Mylar Parallelogram Decals – 11 3/4″ x 3 5/8″
For Models 1300 & 4500  – $33.50 Per Pair

Original Trillium Industries ID Decal – $15.45
Markham, Ontario Address – Approx. 2″ x 4″

Logo Mud Flaps – Sold in pairs $41.00
For Trilliums 1300, 4500, Jubilee

Tire Cover – 13″ $45.00
Check tire size on the tire sidewall – ST 175/80R 13
Correct size for both 1300, 4500 & Jubilee

LED Tail Lights

Bottle Cover – $42.00

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Tow Vehicle Wiring Instructions:     Trailer Wiring Instructions   (pdf file)

NOTE: Bargman Products
Door Locks
The L-400 (rectangular), and L-300 (square) – were discontinued years ago.
No stock or repair parts are left.
Tail lights

The original tail lights (rectangular) used on all vintage 1300 & 4500
trailers were discontinued years ago. We know of no parts availability.
LED lights (2 per side) will fit on the tail light platform. (Bargman # 47-86-101. ) Please see tire cover pic above.
If your vehicle has separate turn signal & brake lights, they can be wired individually to work the same as the tow vehicle. See wiring instruction pdf above.!n8AzeNxI!Jmynm!uwBoluuOa73BP8=

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