Survey – Window Guard

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Front Window Guards for all
Trillium 1300, 4500 & Jubilee


Update July 2020:
Due to the CV-19 mess, I have not been able to travel to Canada. It appears that the Canada/US border may not be open for some time. So, I am considering making them in the US, even though my cost will be increased. Check back for updates.

May 2020:
There seems to be interest building for replacement of the front window guards.
The arms and locking mechanism are no longer being manufactured. I have been searching for a long time for a suitable replacement without success. I am prepared to custom make these, but would like to see how much serious interest there is out there. (There will be a min. order quantity)

So, please send an email to and I’ll add your info to my list. Note in the subject line – Window Guard.
Please spread the word so that I can make a decision this month.

Thank You – Stay Healthy!